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Marine Aluminium Plate

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What is marine grade aluminium?

Marine grade aluminum is a kind of alloy in which Magnesium and Silicon have been added to the aluminum alloy and make it more corrosion resistant through special treatment. It is suitable for use in water or wet environments.

Salt and other minerals in the seawater are corrosive to metal products, and it may cause great damage to the hull. Marine aluminum has active chemical properties, but it can form a dense and passive oxide film with oxygen, so its corrosion resistance is much better than that of steel, thus increasing the service life of ships.

Ships made of aluminum alloy are 15-20% lighter than ships made of steel or other synthetic materials. Marine aluminum can reduce the fuel consumption, increase the speed, improve the length-width ratio of the ship and increase the stability of the ship while reducing the weight of the ship.

What type of aluminum is used in boats?

The environment of marine is relatively harsh, so it leads to a higher requirement for the anti-corrosion of aluminum alloys. For ships, different parts are in different corrosion environment.

The bottom of ship is mainly affected by the penetration and erosion of natural sea water and the attachment of aquatic organisms. The parts above the waterline are mainly affected by salt spray corrosion and atmospheric aging.

Ship side, outboard bottom plate: 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5456 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate are optional. The excellent corrosion resistance of marine aluminum plate can better resist the erosion of seawater and prolong the service life of the ship.

The roof and side panels of ships and shipping containers: 3003 aluminum plate, 3004 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate can be used. 3003 aluminum plate has good anti-rust effect and can withstand the damage caused by long-term wind and rain.

Cab: 5083 aluminum plate, 6N01 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate are optional. The non-magnetic plate of aluminum plate keeps the compass from being affected and ensures a correct direction for the ship while sailing.

Specific applications of marine grade aluminum alloys

Specific applications of marine grade aluminum alloys

  1. Side/bottom shell: 5083, 5086, 5456, 5052
  2. Keel: 5083
  3. Ribs: 5083
  4. Ribs/Partitions: 5083,6061
  5. Engine pedestal: 5083
  6. Deck: 5052, 5083, 5086, 5456, 5454, 7039
  7. Wheelhouse: 5083, 6N01, 5052
  8. Bulwark: 5083
  9. Chimney: 5083, 5052
  10. Top and side panels of marine vessel containers: 3003, 3004, 5052
  11. Portholes: 5052, 5083, 6063, AC7A
  12. Gangway: 5052, 5083, 6063, 6061
  13. Mast: 5052, 5083, 6063, 6061
  14. Structural materials for marine vessels: 6063. ,6061,7003

Product Type: Plates, Profiles, Tubes, Rods, Forgings

Specification selection of Marine grade aluminum sheet

The thickness of the plate used is determined by the hull structure, ship specification and the different position of use, etc. From the perspective of the lightweight of the hull, generally, the thin plate is used as far as possible, but the corrosion depth of the plate in the service time should also be considered.

Marine Aluminum Sheet Specifications

Marine Aluminum Sheet Specifications

Alloy characteristics of Common marine grade aluminum

There are several types and uses of marine aluminum plates. Different marines can be used in different application scenarios. Classic marine aluminum plate alloys are 5052, 5454, 5086, 5083, 5456, 5754, 5383, 6082, 6061, etc.

5052 marine aluminum plate

5052 marine aluminum plate has the combined advantages of the rust resistance of 3-series aluminum material and the excellent formability of 5-series aluminum material. It has the moderate strength and especially fatigue resistance. Plasticity and corrosion resistance are high. It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and has good corrosion resistance.

Common alloy states: O, H14, H34

Application: Mainly used in hull superstructure, auxiliary components, small boat hull.

Features: medium strength, good corrosion resistance and formability, high fatigue strength.

5083 marine aluminum plate

The main alloying element in 5083 marine aluminum plate alloy is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance and weldability, as well as medium strength, good corrosion resistance and machinability.

Commonly used alloy state: O, H32

Application: 5083 alloy is suitable for hull structure material. For example, yachts, inland patrol boats, etc.

Features:5083 aluminum plate has the excellent thermal conductivity and higher strength than 5052. It is highly resistant to seawater and industrial chemicals, making it an ideal material for welding.

Note that 5083 grade aluminum is not suitable for working above 65 degrees Celsius. It is the strongest non-heat treatable aluminum alloy and can retain its strength even after welding.

5086 marine aluminum plate

5086 marine aluminum sheet has high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability, which provides the possibility for strict ship type production. At the same time, the ship board can resist the corrosion of the atmosphere, steam, water and other media in the marine climate for a longer time, and is durable and more economical.

Common alloy states: H32, H34

Application: Main structure of hull (thin-walled and wide extruded profiles), ship side, bottom outer plate.

Features:it has the same weldability and corrosion resistance as 5083 alloy. 5086 alloy has high electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. 5086 alloy can be strengthened by strain hardening and cold working until it is stronger than 5083 alloy.

Real photo of marine aluminum plate

Real photo of marine aluminum plate

5454 Marine aluminum plate

The main alloying element of 5454 marine aluminum plate is magnesium. 5454 alloy aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust aluminum, which can adapt to harsh corrosive environments and it has a high strength.

Common alloy state: O, H32, H34

Application: It has been mainly used in ship structural parts, internal pressure vessels and pipelines, etc. And it can also be used in speedboats, fishing boats, large cargo ships, etc.

Features: The strength is 22% higher than that of 5052, the corrosion resistance and weldability are good, and the formability is average.

6061 Marine Aluminum Alloy

6061 marine aluminum alloy has the excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing.

Common alloy states: T4, T6

Application: It has been used for superstructure, partition structure, frame, etc. And it mainly used for screwing and riveting structures that are not in contact with seawater.

Features: it is a kind of corrosion-resistant alloy which can be strengthened by heat-treated. It has the high strength but low seam welding.

The common states of marine grade 1050 aluminum alloy are H112, O, H12, H24. 1050 aluminum alloy has low strength, good workability, weldability and corrosion resistance, and high surface treatment. It is mainly used for interior decoration.

The common state of marine grade 3003 aluminum alloy is H112, O, H12. 3003 aluminum alloy is 10% higher than 1100 alloy in strength, with good formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for interior decoration and the top and side plates of LPG tanks.

Marine aluminium plate manufacturer

Signi Aluminum has mastered the most advanced marine aluminum plate and profile production technology, which can provide potential support for the marine and offshore industries. The aluminum plate products produced by Signi Aluminum have high strength, good processing performance and corrosion resistance, which fully meet the requirements of marine applications. Requirements.

Application Status of Marine Aluminum Sheet

Signi Aluminum can provide various aluminum alloy products for marine and offshore engineering, mainly used in yachts, fishing boats, passenger ships, cargo ships, sand boats, ferries, superstructures and lifting platforms of other large ships, drilling platforms, etc.

Application of aluminum alloy in the civil ships field

Aluminum alloys for civilian ships are generally used in luxury cruise ships, motor boats, transport ships, fishing boats, passenger ships, etc.

Due to the low density of aluminum and aluminum alloys, which is about 1/3 of steel, strong corrosion resistance to seawater, and good processability and weldability, aluminum alloys are widely used to manufacture superstructures of ships, decks, portholes and railings, etc., and the usage amount is increasing daily.

Application of aluminum alloy in the field of civil ships

Application of aluminum alloy in the field of engineering ships

Aluminum alloys for engineering ships are generally used in marine survey ships, submersibles (boats), drilling ships, drilling platforms, etc.

Aluminium workboats require less maintenance time, have longer service life and are faster in speed. So, it has been widely used in fishing boats or any other marine industry. Aluminum small boats can be used for decades without suffering any noticeable corrosion. Aluminium workboats are often retired due to technological obsolescence rather than the ageing of aluminium structures.

Application of aluminum alloy in the field of engineering ships

Application of aluminum alloy in military boats field

Military boat aluminum alloys are generally used in attack boats, auxiliary military airships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, patrol boats, hydrofoils, hovercraft, etc.

Lightweight ship structures can increase ship speed, reduce operating costs, improve operational sensitivity, extend travel distance, and reduce maintenance. Based on this, aluminum alloys are widely used in the field of military ships, thereby completing difficult tasks such as assault or search and rescue.

Application of aluminum alloy in the field of military boats

Marine grade aluminium plate packing

Marine Aluminium plate are placed in wooden boxes on wooden skids with runners along the length of the sheet. They are wrapped in HDPE with hardboard on top and bottom of the stack. Hoop iron strapping runs along the length of the sheets. Silica gel packets are put in the boxes for moisture protection.

Marine grade aluminium plate packing

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