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5005 automotive aluminum sheet

Author : Alex  Updated : Jul 22, 2022 00:00
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In modern society, due to the increasing importance of energy saving and environmental protection, the lightweight of automobiles has become the trend of world automobile development. The so-called lightweight of the car refers to reducing the overall equipment quality of the car as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the strength and safety performance of the car, thereby improving the power of the car, reducing fuel consumption and reducing exhaust pollution. Experiments have shown that the reduction of vehicle quality will bring about a relative reduction in fuel consumption.

 5005 automotive aluminum sheet

There are many measures to reduce the weight of automobiles, among which the main and common method is to use lightweight materials. Among many materials, aluminum is a widely used lightweight material. The density of aluminum is about 1/3 of that of steel. 5005 automotive aluminum sheet is characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, easy forming, recyclability, etc., and its application technology is mature, making it an ideal metal material for the automotive industry.

Among the aluminum alloys, the 5-series aluminum alloy is also called magnesium aluminum alloy, which is currently the most widely used alloy type in the automotive field. Among them, the magnesium content accounts for 6% of the total mass. It can effectively reduce the hardness and strength of the product, thereby making the product easier to process. The hardness of the 5 series alloy is higher than that of the 3 series alloy, and the plasticity is strong, and it has very strong corrosion resistance, especially in the seawater or marine atmospheric environment, its corrosion resistance is much better than other alloys.

5 series alloy is an alloy series used in the field of rail transit. Its alloy grades mainly include 5005 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5182 aluminum plate and 5251 aluminum plate. Products are mainly used in rail car bodies, transport vehicles, ships, automobiles, architectural decoration, electronic appliances and other fields.

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