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5086 h111 marine aluminum plate

Author : Alex  Updated : Aug 04, 2022 00:00
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5086 aluminum plate belongs to 5 series rust-proof aluminum, and the common state is O, H111, H112, H116, H321, etc. It is widely used in occasions requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as ships, Automobile welding parts, pressure vessels, refrigeration devices, etc., especially in marine markets such as marine aluminum plates, have great potential for development.

 5086 h111 marine aluminum plate

Advantages of 5086 h111 marine aluminum plate

  • 1. The specific gravity is small, which can reduce the weight of the ship, save energy consumption, and increase the load capacity;
  • 2. Good corrosion resistance, ship structure is in harsh marine environment, corrosion resistance is one of the main signs of marine alloys.
  • 3. Excellent welding performance, marine aluminum plates are required to have good welding crack resistance, and the tendency of cracks formed during welding is small.
  • 4. It has good cold and hot forming properties. It needs to be subjected to various treatments of cold working and hot working in shipbuilding. It is easy to process and form, without crack defects, and does not affect strength and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy materials are widely used in ships and marine facilities, but the selection of marine aluminum plates is relatively strict. The main varieties of aluminum materials are: thick plate, thin plate, strip, foil, profile, integral extrusion, wall plate, casting, die casting, die forging and so on. The main states of the material are: O, H14, H112, H34, H32, H116, H117, H111, T1, T5, T6, T61, etc. With the enlargement of ship hull and the progress of aluminum extrusion technology, the application of large materials is more and more extensive.

The price of 5086 h111 marine aluminum plate products is determined by the market price of aluminum ingots and processing fees, but the product specifications required by users are different, the changes in market aluminum ingot prices, and each aluminum plate manufacturer has a different price definition, which naturally creates the market. difference in price. According to different product specifications, the market quotation of its 5086 marine aluminum sheet is also different, and there are also certain differences in the pricing standards of different 5086 aluminum sheet manufacturers. , so the quality is different, so the quotation is different, so there is no fixed quotation in the market. For detailed price, please consult our mailbox Email:service@signialiumium.com

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